Training & Development

Clear Communication

Help your team learn Clear Communication skills with this group training and development program.

Self-Discovery with Myers-Briggs

The Self-Discovery with Myers-Briggs training and development session focuses on identifying environments and tasks in which individual team members thrive.

Building Strategic Teams with StrengthsFinder

The Building Strategic Teams with StrengthsFinder training and development session focuses on enhancing collaboration and communication through deeper understanding of individual strengths.

Discovering Workstyles with DiSC

The Discovering Workstyles with DiSC training and development session focuses on understanding the four personality traits defined by DiSC assessments and how they impact work groups.

Situational Leadership Styles

The Situational Leadership Styles training and development session focuses on identifying inherent leadership approaches and understanding how individual team members prefer to be led.

Emotional Intelligence Leadership

With a half-day Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training program, your team can develop their self-awareness and empathy skills.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution is a training program available in Toronto that gives employees the skills they need to resolve workplace conflicts.

Coaching Fundamentals

Coaching Fundamentals is a group training program. Learn how to coach your colleagues in a more consistent and effective way.

Positive Team Dynamics

The Positive Team Dynamics training program can help you enhance how employees work together and create a framework for what a successful team looks like.

The Power Of Negotiation

The Power Of Negotiation is a half-day training session that teaches teams how to influence others to achieve more “win-win” outcomes.

Effective Meetings

The Effective Meetings training program helps groups make company meetings more efficient and action-oriented.

Impactful Presentation Skills

Impactful Presentation Skills is a training program that provides tools, frameworks, and technology to make your team’s presentations more effective.

Confident Decision Making

With Confident Decision Making, participants learn how to make decisions at work more quickly, confidently, and effectively.

Active Employee Engagement

Active Employee Engagement is a training session that focuses on practical steps your team can take to drive engagement in the workplace, and make it a top priority for your everyday business.

Advanced Coaching

Advanced Coaching is a training program that develops your team with the top coaching skills. With proven techniques that work, your group can become coaching experts.

Practical Time Management

Practical Time Management is a half-day training session that teaches teams high-performance planning and prioritization techniques.

Performance Management Fundamentals

Performance Management Fundamentals trains your group with a management toolkit, so they can lead their colleagues towards exceptional levels of performance.

Productive Feedback & Performance Reviews

Productive Feedback & Performance Reviews is a corporate training program that teaches participants the best ways to give feedback and motivate change.

Accelerated Selling

Accelerated Selling teaches the top sales strategies. The training takes into account your customers, industry, and existing best practices to help participants sell more.

Authentic Leadership

This fully interactive training session explores leadership, stage by stage, which can help significantly boost morale and engagement within your company. The program is highly experiential and will be one of the most exciting and vibrant learning events you’ve ever had – guaranteed!

8 Productive Practices of Peak Performing People

We kick off 8 Productive Practices with a highly facilitated dialogue, which is then followed by a fun, experiential activity to drive the concept home. This course is a truly engaging way to embed important practices such as “be proactive”, “begin with the end in mind” and “think win/win”.

Creating Mission, Vision and Values

Sail your company ship with clear direction and intention. Identifying and defining the right core values is a crucial step for any company, department or team. This interactive program will help you build the framework to support ongoing success and future company growth.